10. 11. 2015
Eye Tracking presentation for students from University of Tomáš Baťa at Zlín.
30. 10. 2015
In October our team attended few events associated to Digital Design Exposition called: Pohled za pixely (Behind Pixels).
10. 09. 2015
Economia has redesigned visual of their news website which is visited by more than 1.4 million readers a month. UX Focus has participated in testing the new website.
31. 08. 2015
What influence does product layout of a web-store have on the consumer? What does a consumer focus on when looking at a banner? How do they feel about hyperlinks when reading? These questions were answered at a conference on eye movements in Vienna. The UX Focus team brings you digest of the conference for a weekly MarketingSalesMedia.
26. 08. 2015
Attention testing on the internet is common in the world. Companies in Czech Republic still think that we only deliver heat maps, but we offer a comprehensive analysis and advice on what to do better.
24. 08. 2015
User research often reveal that best practices of web design and making visuals are on shaky ground. The users’ attention is always caught by something unexpected. Interview with Miroslav Suchý for MARKETING & MEDIA.
21. 05. 2015
The biggest czech online news asked us to test their new prototype of landing page.
10. 03. 2015
Usability and User Experience testing for
24. 02. 2015
What do we look at and what do we ignore? Eye tracking shows movement which answers the initial question. The following article was primarily written for our partners, but it is equally interesting for us.
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