Create excellent customer experience across all channels for B2B and B2C.


Enable businesses of all sizes to have a 360 view of their customer’s experience on and offline with solutions that enable measuring and recognition of the different influences on the customer experience.

Start a customer centric revolution across all departments in organisations. 

How we work

Understand your business and goals
Understand your strategy
Evaluate your customer interactions at different touchpoints
Provide realistic, practial recommendations
Deliver on time on budget
Provide conclusive evidence based on market research

Meet the founders of UX Focus

Eva Zahrádková

"Believe it or not: The customer does (not) make a purchase in the blink of an eye."

Eva has spent considerable time working directly with buyer groups; learning about the buying process. This experience has helped shape her approach to customer insights and research metodology.

Eva is a member of ESOMAR and NMSBA associations

Miroslav Suchý

Miroslav qualified at Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Economics in Prague.

Although he focussed on economics his passion lay with understanding the behaviours and drivers of different buyer groups. Whilst at Manchester he began his work with Eye Tracking and following a period working with a marketing agency he developed an approach to deliver practical cost effective solutions to help businesses improve their customers’ experience and ulitately improve ROI.

Miroslav gives lectures at colleges and universities and is an external lecturer at UXWell


Experienced team across a wide range of disciplines

As founders of UX Focus they recognised the importance of building a flexible team: 
  • Experienced Project manager in user research, including management of recruiting and screening participants.
  • Research expertise - 20 years experience in moderating and facilitating marketing research, specialising in focus groups, in-depth interviews, expert interviews, in-home visits.
  • Eye Tracking - 25 years experience in eye tracking and biometrics research for shopper, packaging and advertising.

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Our partners

Partnership with companies such as Tobii Pro, ESOMAR, NMSBA or PSC gives us access to the most up-to-date information from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, marketing, design, and innovations.


Are you interested in working with us for famous brands on interesting projects which have a positive effect on customer experience? Send us your CV and a short letter of application to persuade us why we need you and how you can help us get UX Focus to the next level.

V roce 2019 získala firma UX Focus s.r.o. podporu z Evropských strukturálních a investičních fondů, realizovanou skrz Operační program Praha - pól růstu ČR a čerpanou přes první výzvu Specializovaných voucherů (reg.č. CZ.07.1.02/0.0/0.0/16_027/0000607). Podpora byla mířena na účast firmy UX Focus s.r.o. na projekt Pražský voucher na kreativní služby v Praze za účelem časové úspory a zvýšení kvality respondentů.

Očekávaným výstupem je webová aplikace pro správu výzkumného panelu respondentů.

Projekt Pražský voucher na kreativní služby spolufinancován Evropskou unií.

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