30. 01. 2019
Understanding driver's attention is essential for improving car infotainment and HMI
09. 10. 2018
Since HbbTV applications are present on almost every TV channel, good user experience is worth it.
03. 09. 2018
When working in the research field we are also asked to test new concepts, which would need a big effort to be pre-tested in the real world context
15. 06. 2018
In retail, eye tracking can bring to marketers instant access to what drives customer behaviour and decision making.
17. 05. 2018
Case study how to use Eye-tracking to maximize design efficiency
10. 04. 2017
The fizzy drinks giant hopes neuroscience can help as it looks to better understand what resonates online and how to optimise TV content for digital.
27. 02. 2017
Support for UX, user research and end-to-end customer experience is rising. All types of organizations across a multitude of industries are also seeing the benefit of user testing.
14. 10. 2016
Why is it a good idea to remember a clause about third-party evaluation of developed website and why to add it into the contract with digital agency?
28. 07. 2016
Using eye tracking, we compared the campaigns of the telecom operators.
07. 12. 2015
8 Technological Innovations Driving the Eye Tracking Research Revolution
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