Included in most of our services

EYE TRACKINGIncluded in most of our services

What do we look at and what do we ignore?

Eye Tracking is used to analyse and improve customer and user experience (UX). Simply put, it measures eye activity and helps answer some basic questions:

- What do we look at and what do we ignore?
- How do our eyes react to different stimuli?
Eyetracking technology gathers information and produces a range of maps and metrics click here for more detailed information.
Ease of use & time to see


Is Eye Tracking equal to a Heat map?

No, a heat map is aggregated output of more eye tracking sessions, although useful, it requires comparisons, large samples and does not truly measure your customer’s experience which is rather individual.

Is Eye Tracking quantitative research?

Most of today’s eye tracking research starts with qualitative authentication of concepts but goes much further with in-depth interviews.

Is Eye Tracking the same as a focus group?

Eye tracking is conducted on an individual basis, one participant at a time.

Does Eye Tracking equipment truly reflect behaviour?

Up to date Eye Tracking technology delivers high precision data. Participants can move around freely with no restrictions, ensuring natural reactions of the participants.

Does Eye Tracking require a lab?

All our solutions are mobile which gives UX Focus the capability to operate in any town or country.

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