Shopper Research

Shopper Research

Assisted Shopping, Eye Tracking, In-Depth Interviews

Shopper ResearchAssisted Shopping, Eye Tracking, In-Depth Interviews

We will provide you with exclusive data, real insights and practical recommendations to improve your customers’ multichannel experience and ultimately increase  your ROI.

With UX Focus you will see what the customers see, hear what they think and better understand their emotional response to your POP and POS media, promotion, product packaging, shopper navigation and shop windows.

We can also show you what they don’t see!
For example: key messages they have missed, navigation or digital signage. This can be invaluable at early stage development of POP media or redesign of a store or store layout.

Orientation & Digital Signage

Measure and optimise the entire retail experience to ensure promo effectiveness and drive sales.
Shopper eye tracking research for digital signage & navigation, developed POP and POS media, shelf design, product position (planograms), product packaging design in a real strore, simulated store or in virtual reality.

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What our clients say

We used the eye-tracking research to test the client's journey in a new digital concept of our branches.

The results have helped us to better understand the behaviour of clients in retail locations. This allows us to more effectively lay out navigational and advertising elements.

The research also included qualitative interviews, which suitably supplemented the results obtained by eye-tracking.

Galina Avanesjan
Customer Experience Project Manager
MONETA Money Bank, a.s.
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