Sales, Support and Training of Eye Tracking

Sales, Support and Training of Eye Tracking

Eye Trackers and Other Biosensors

Eye Tracker Sales, Training and ConsultingEye Tracking and Other Biosensors

We will supply the equipment

We will provide you with suitable equipment for your specific purpose from the portfolio of eye trackers (EyeTech, Viewpoint, Tobii, HTC, etc.), EEG, systems for the analysis of facial expressions, pupils and other biosignals, including synchronization software. 

We provide professional training in Czech or English language on how to work with purchased eye trackers during which you will also learn the methodology of eye tracking and the right workflow for your field.

We cooperate with majority of Czech universities and even with some in Slovakia. We are experts in eye tracking and its synchronization with other sensors for measuring biosignals - EEG, skin resistance, facial expression, pupils, respiration or heart rate. We have comprehensive know-how of the manufacturers and we will recommend what’s best for you, whether you are a novice or an expert in your field.

Supporting your Project

Everything from advice to conducting a typical project can now be consulted with an Expert.

Methodological and technical support includes, for example:
experiment design, technical support during piloting and inspection of suitable environmental conditions, consultation on measured data from piloting, calibration technical support to ensure highest quality of collected data, practical advice on interpretation and evaluation of final data, tips for subsequent publication of results.

We can also be of service with short-term technology rental.

2-Day Certified Training with Eye Tracking and Biosensors

Gain theoretical knowledge and learn best practices for measuring with various biosensors. Hands-on training in eye tracking and other biosensors and getting practice in analysis of data outputs.

Tailor-made training for all levels of expertise

The 2-day programme is adapted for researchers with different levels of experience, field or academic interest. The agenda includes theoretical knowledge and best practices of eye tracking and other biosensors relevant to your group. Practical training with biosensors will allow participants to improve in designing and implementation of studies, as well as in data analysis and writing the outputs of the study into a report.

Participants will receive a UX Focus certificate upon completion of the programme.

UX Focus training is available in Prague for CZK 24 200 including VAT per person. Contact us for more information, or price calculation of personalised training at your premises for up to 5 people.

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What our clients say

We needed training that would teach us eye tracking techniques and a consultation of our eye-tracker experiment set-up. 

We benefited from description of physiology of the eye, principles of eye-tracking including the technical parameters of eye-trackers, advantages and disadvantages of metrics, types of eye-tracking, testing environment, level of realism, and consulting research questions.

We recommend the training.

Research team - CIIRC Intelligent Systems
Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Czech Technical University
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