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09. 10. 2018
Since HbbTV applications are present on almost every TV channel, good user experience is worth it.

TV broadcasting company FTV Prima recognized the importance and in collaboration with UX Focus have done UX testing of their HbbTV application iPrima.

"Collaboration with UX Focus has greatly surprised us. All research, from the brief, through the recruitment of the respondents, to the final personal presentation of the results, was carried out professionally.

We also appreciate the pleasant and technically perfectly equipped environment where many of us could come to the interviews. Research has answered all relevant questions for us. The outputs were clear, factual and logical.

Thanks to the research findings, we know in which direction to further improve our online products to increase motivation for their usage and user satisfaction."

Pavla Fraňková, Senior Research Analyst, FTV Prima, spol. s r.o

See video example of how HbbTV testing with eye tracking looks like.

Author: UX Focus

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