UX Focus will present at the X4B Conference

17. 05. 2018
Case study how to use Eye-tracking to maximize design efficiency


Good communication is invaluable, and we will introduce not only the methodology that can detect it, but also the video from the research along with advice and tips.

  • It pays to know what potential customers perceive.
  • Eye tracking will accurately show critical locations where they give up their efforts.
  • In the in-depth interviews, we find the right alternatives to continue and convert.

Our lecture will be conducted by Miroslav Suchý, Customer Experience Strategist and Jiří Hlaváček, Qualitative research specialist. 

X4B Conference to be held on 30.5. in Prague, it aimed to create an open discussion between company owners and User Experience specialists.

The conference will also include a world-class star, American lecturer and UX specialist, Jaime Levy. She will perform as a keynote speaker and will lead the next day a unique workshop on UX Strategy.

We look forward to seeing you.

Autor: UX Focus

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