High Performance Sport and Measuring Success with Eye Tracking

02. 12. 2019
David Kostelecký, a professional Czech shooter and Olympic winner in trap shooting. We talked about what...

David Kostelecký, a professional Czech shooter and Olympic winner in trap shooting. We talked about what it means to be a top athlete and with the help of eye tracking glasses, we tried to measure what is the secret to his success in shooting at clay pigeons at a shooting range near Brno. David has been working with a neurovisual trainer for some time. He realized a long time ago that if he wants to be the best, standard training methods will not be enough for him. After all, it must be more than just the right posture, aiming and firing at the right place at the right time.

You may be wondering what separates two great athletes who have talent, train hard and are on top. One of them goes beneath the surface of things and works patiently on his inner mental attunement and his reactions to stimuli from the environment. Mental coaches teach top athletes how to handle situations and remain level-headed even during critical situations which allows them to consistently deliver very good results. But it is not just about the mind, but also about what and under what circumstances we give our attention to. Because our attention guides our movement and, in accordance with our breath and emotions, it also guides our psyche.

David Pospíchal, a neurovisual trainer, helps David with that. How is it possible that David makes only one fixation (stopping of the eye) when shooting a clay pigeon, and fires at exactly the right time almost always? Try the same with another shooter and you will most likely notice more fixations and a lower success rate. The most important thing happens when preparing to shoot. It is also notable that David's eyes are trained to make use of peripheral vision as much as possible, which allows for much more effective eye movement and thus coordination.

Even in the academic sphere, at the Czech University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, they decided to invest in building eye tracking facilities so that they could teach future hunters effective shooting at a moving target in a shooting simulator. This can be achieved through making students aware of how their visual strategy works compared to an experienced shooter.

Only when we find out what is happening on a subconscious level, then we are able to consciously work on it and learn other people’s talent literally "by watching" and apply it to our training.

This does not just apply to shooting, the same method of practicing visual strategy can be used in various activities, such as:

hockey, tennis, football, table tennis, fencing, horse dressage, running races, baseball, mountain biking, golf, skiing, archery, motor sports, surfing ...

Author: UX Focus

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