Eye Tracking Presentation

10. 11. 2015
Eye Tracking presentation for students from University of Tomáš Baťa at Zlín.


University of Economics in Prague prepared a present for their students – a presentation on Eye Tracking. The aim of the presentation was to raise students’ awareness and creativity as they were working on a marketing campaign. The Presentation took place on 9th November 2015, and the presenter was an eye tracking specialist and representative of UX Focus, Miroslav Suchý.

“I have tried to show and explain what tricks we can do with an eye tracker in commercial industry. I have focused on how to use eye tracking in usability testing, and what are the benefits compared to usability testing without eye tracking. I have compared observations of mouse movements and eye movements on practical examples. I have also shown students some findings from actual research,” says Miroslav Suchý.

The second part of the presentation was aimed at using eye tracking in advertising which was very entertaining thanks to the selected video ad.

“Our team prepared the presentation in a straightforward manner so that it would be comprehensible for students who had barely heard about eye tracking before,” says Suchý.

Author: The UX Focus team

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