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10. 09. 2015
Economia has redesigned visual of their news website which is visited by more than 1.4 million readers a month. UX Focus has participated in testing the new website.

According to their press release, the new rests on three colours – blue, grey, and red. They illustrate the web’s main domains: multimedia, opinion section, blogs, and online broadcasting, both national and international.

An essential part of this new website’s development was usability testing which was carried out with the help of eye tracking. UX Focus took part in the new website’s testing process.

It is worth mentioning that underwent redesign in 2014. Since then, the new editorial system can recognize the device which the reader connects with and adapts the website’s format.

The mobile version is one of the main topics of the new redesign. It enables reading short pieces of news with significantly reduced waiting and loading times, even when readers are not online.

The reason for this is a feature which downloads summaries of thirty newest stories containing what is most important. This way, readers can get an overview of news stories even when for example travelling on the Prague underground.

Because the amount of access from mobile devices is raising almost by hundred per cent annually, we have devoted a lot of energy to this domain. We have also tried to come up with a new way of how to present our readers with what is most relevant, even if they have only a few minutes, says ROMAN LATUSKE, CEO of the publishing house.

Aktualne will also start sending news stories via WhatsApp. Along with the new web there will also be an accompanying website where users will learn more about the changes on


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