Usability testing

Eye tracking allows us to map automated and unconscious reactions the users are simply unable to express verbally. Those are the reactions which tell us the truth about their online behaviour. This way we avoid the frequent phenomenon of appealing to others which often devaluates results of conventional usability testing.
We monitor and evaluate users’ behaviour in everyday situations such as browsing online, shopping or reading the news.   

Web testing
Testování webu - UXFocus Testování webu - UXFocus
You don’t know how actual users use your web and whether it meets their expectations.
Eye tracking software records not just conscious, but also unconscious users’ reactions without interrupting them.
You will see how users react to your website, what they initially look at, if they are aware of CTA buttons, what they read, and which features they find difficult to deal with or even obstructive.
Prototype / wireframe testing
Testování prototypu / wireframu - UXFocusTestování prototypu / wireframu - UXFocus
You don’t know if you’re designing your digital product appropriately?
With The eye tracking software, we are able to select functioning and non-functioning features. We will verify hypotheses about your product in any phase of its development.
Conclusive visual outputs efficiently motivate the team of specialists who know how to further develop the product based on objective data.
Software testing
Testování softwaru - UXFocusTestování softwaru - UXFocus
You are not sure whether your structure is simple enough and intuitive for the user. You don’t want the user to complain about poor orientation on your product.
Eye tracking allows us to find the root of a problem or problematic locations. Moreover, it gathers suggestions for improvement directly from users.
The whole team of developers has objective data about problematic points with suggestions for improvement.
What our clients say

We needed to test the concept of online application for one of our products.

Colleagues from UX Focus adapted to our time preference, understood our needs and the consultation was at a professional level.

Methodology in recruiting respondents, facilitation and final report were at a high level.

UX Focus unlike other companies offer utilization of modern technology to better understand customer behavior. Testing becomes more efficient and conclusions more conclusive.

I can recommend cooperation.

Josef Drahokoupil
Client service strategy
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