Ad viewability

International studies show us that up to 85 % of all ad impressions are not viewable and traditional measuring techniques like CTR don’t tell us the whole story about ad effectiveness. Thanks to Eye tracking, we can objectively evaluate the effectiveness of various ad formats in the context of its location and style

Banner viewability
Viditelnost banneru - UXFocus
You are wasting a lot of money on advertising, but you don’t know how successful it will be?
By using eye tracking during online ad pre-test, you will know the actual banner viewability prior to launching the campaign.
Choice of style and format of (video) banner according to its actual viewability will increase your ad’s ROI by 25 – 85 %.
Advertising space effectiveness
Účinnost reklamní plochy - UXFocus
You are buying advertising space and you are not sure how it will support your ad campaign.
Using eye tracking during ad pre-test in context of its position on the web will help you to find out how effective it actually is prior to purchasing the advertising space.
Purchasing the most effective advertising space will raise your ad’s 
ROI by 25 – 85 %.
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