Ad research

Thousands of ads fight for consumers’ attention. The consumers cannot credibly say which ads affect them. Eye tracking is an objective tool which measures spontaneous reactions of ad consumers, instead of asking them about features which caught their attention. The eye tracking software broadcasts all this to you live. This minimizes the risk of subjective, biased opinions.  

TV/video, pre-roll and product placement
Optimalizace reklamy - UXFocusOptimalizace reklamy - UXFocus
As commercial content is being created, the key features might not be visible or prominent enough and the advertising message is gone.
Eye tracking in ad research determines specific spots which attract or distract attention from the message the commercial is supposed to transmit.
Thanks to optimizing particular video segments, your message will be delivered to as many viewers as possible.
Newsletter / Emailing effectiveness
Účinnost newsletteru / emailingu - UXFocusÚčinnost newsletteru / emailingu - UXFocus
You don’t know whether customers understand your special offers and what impression your visuals make.
Eye tracking software will measure attractiveness of individual features during the first few seconds when the email has to capture the reader’s attention.
By changing positions of the most attractive features and key messages and making them more prominent, you will increase CTR of emailing campaigns.
Evaluation of print media
Hodnocení tiskovin - UXFOcusHodnocení tiskovin - UXFOcus
You are not sure whether your product or key features such as the brand or the logo will be seen.
The eye tracking technology maps which printed media features are visible and which distract the attention from the message.
We will recommend a layout which will promote interest in the product, increase readability, cogency, and memorability of your brand.
Choosing the right packaging
Výběr vhodného obalu - UXFocusVýběr vhodného obalu - UXFocus
You don’t know which graphics version to choose and which one will beat your competition on the shelves.
Eye tracking data will quickly and efficiently determine which of the packaging graphic designs is best.​
You will find out which packaging really gives your brand the potential to boost sales in stores.
What our clients say

I have been absolutely satisfied with cooperation on eye tracking research for our flyer + eDM in form of omnibus.

Both the timing and realization of project and also research findings and recommendations in final report were perfect.

Šárka Opatrná
Marketing Specialist
Sberbank CZ, a.s.
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