Usability testing

We needed to test the concept of online application for one of our products.

Colleagues from UX Focus adapted to our time preference, understood our needs and the consultation was at a professional level.

Methodology in recruiting respondents, facilitation and final report were at a high level.

UX Focus unlike other companies offer utilization of modern technology to better understand customer behavior. Testing becomes more efficient and conclusions more conclusive.

I can recommend cooperation.

Josef Drahokoupil
Client service strategy
ČSOB Pojišťovna, a.s. člen holdingu ČSOB

Using the eye tracker, we’ve tested a working prototype of an upcoming website. It is worthwhile to observe users’ reactions and how they go about using the site.

Based on the testing we have innovated some functions and modified the prototype.

My thanks go to the UX Focus team. I am looking forward to working with them in future projects.

Petr Makovec
‎Marketing Manager
Hypoteční banka, a.s.

Yes, this technology is expensive, but it is able to answer many questions, which cannot be answered via Yandex Metrica, heatmaps or other systems. You can test any scenario (which you want) and apart of mouse movements, you observe eye movements, which shouldn’t be underestimated. It will warn you about areas, where something is not good enough or not logically written or placed, etc. Where eyes linger too long or where eyes do not even look at.

Moreover you can ask respondets to find the reasons of their behaviour. We for e.g. found out, that many customers not even arrive to a basket :) and now we know WHY. None systém will answer you on this question.

If you do your price benchmark, I would reommend to benchmark this method with classical research methods as focus groups than to compare it with online technologies.

Return on investment? UX Focus confirmed our hypothesis and also found weak areas, which we did not know about before. We have made changes based on recommendations from the user testing, after which our order conversion has raised more than double than UX Focus has estimated before cooperation. Director of client services also pleased by the fact, that they are getting less technical enquiries, which has lowered the excessive load of help-line.

It helped us absolutely in many decisions. In principle I was satisfied, because it was very quick and positive changes has showed up.

Filip Černý
Chief Marketing Officer

I must admit I didn’t use to be a great fan of eye tracking and I used to tell my clients I wouldn’t recommend this method to them.

The reason was mainly the fact that the results were difficult to interpret, and also the costs were a little too high in contrast with other user testing methods. When designing the web, the budget for research is very often limited so I had always suggested to use the resources in a more efficient way.

But when designing our new website we came across several issues and eye tracking seemed to be the best way to address these issues.

We therefore approached Miroslav Suchý from UX Focus, who had earlier contacted us with an interesting offer.

After some initial meetings we were sure that we would go for user testing with eye tracking. What got us convinced was the fact that when we clearly defined what we needed to learn, we could let UX Focus worry about data interpretation. This is possible thanks to elaborate software they work with.

We were quite surprised by a relatively high number of necessary testers in contrast with application testing – it is after all a quantitative method. Eventually we agreed on a reasonable price and we gave it a go.

During preparations and the whole testing process we appreciated the company’s professionalism and comprehensive output. We were very satisfied with the testing results which gave us answers to all our initial questions, some of which were very surprising, but instantly implemented into the project.

To sum up: if you know what you need to test, I can definitely recommend user testing with UX Focus. If you’re not sure, just drop in for a chat with Miroslav.

Martin Hoffmann
Digital Expert
Economia, a.s.

As owner of I wanted to make sure that the website was really working for me and that the visitor would respond to the call to action and the new holiday offer which was introduced this year.

UX Focus organised and managed a project with a small number of participants to demonstrate the benefits of eye tracking technology. They presented a thorough report demonstrating very interesting activity on each section of the website not least of which was the fact that the viewer was missing the promotion button for the new holiday offer.

I would recommend that businesses should invest in this process as it can actually save you budget long term.

Lauren Liles

We would recommend these eye-tracking tests to every online project. It is priceless to see a “live” session of real customer experiencing our e-shop – to hear what they are thinking, to know when they are not sure.

Both Miroslav and Eva from UX Focus had planned out everything, always suggesting solutions whenever a problem emerged.

We can warmly recommend UX Focus to anyone.

Petr Ogurčák
Online Marketing Specialist
STREET AND SPORTS WEAR - s.a.m., s.r.o.

We have employed UX Focus and their services to gather detailed information about our readers’ behaviour in connection with attractiveness of our advertising space and articles, and also regarding applicability of our new homepage which was being developed at that time.

Thanks to the eye-tracking and modern methodology of the measurement process we found out which features our users see and which they don’t, and for how long they see them during a regular visit to our website. This gave us a new, objective perspective on effectiveness of our advertising space and newly-designed web features.

A well arranged report summed up all results of the measurement process. It served our marketing, editing, and IT department as a valuable source for improving our website.

We are looking forward to cooperating with UX Focus on more exceptional future projects. UX Focus finally delivered exactly what we had been looking for.

Pavel Kočička
Project Manager
Mafra Media Group

Ad research

I have been absolutely satisfied with cooperation on eye tracking research for our flyer + eDM in form of omnibus.

Both the timing and realization of project and also research findings and recommendations in final report were perfect.

Šárka Opatrná
Marketing Specialist
Sberbank CZ, a.s.

Ad viewability

A thorough report with all results from eye-tracking measurement process served us well as a tool which helped us to improve the homepage It was also useful when preparing and choosing the exact location of ads for our own projects.

Through cooperation with UX Focus we managed to make the positioning of our advertising as effective as possible and in line with commercial space and editorial content. This way, all the key elements are working to their full potential.

Petra Hanzelková
Marketing Manager & Web Content Manager
Mafra Media Group


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