Eye tracking was quite misunderstood for a long time, especially in marketing and customer experience. In that time, many dogmatic opinions appeared which we would like to set straight on this website.

Eye tracking is not just a heatmap

Heatmap is great only when you have the privilege of comparing and large samples. If you are interested in your customers’ or users’ experience, you have to count with the fact that this is very individual. Therefore, you might not want automated technology to evaluate those.

Eye tracking is not only quantitative (with large quantities of participants)

The most of today’s eye tracking research starts with quantitative authentication of concepts, similar to focus groups. However, it goes beyond, straight into the heart of the matter during an in-depth interview with a participant, excluding extraneous influence or misinterpretation of a collective session.

Eye tracking is not very expensive

If it is done by a direct supplier.

Eye tracking isn’t just a cherry on top

If you are looking for a cherry on top, less sophisticated methods will do you good – for instance click maps which you can get for free. Eye tracking will help you very fast without making unnecessary bad decisions along the way.

It is not just an Eye tracking device 

Modern eye tracking means it is in good hands of specialists whose synergy of research methods allows them to produce steps of action tailored to your needs.

Eye tracking does not prolong the duration of the research

UX testing or assisted shopping with eye tracking can even reduce time spent with a participant. An experienced interviewer does not need to ask about what is clear from eye tracking. In a typical study, results are delivered within 3 to 5 days.

Eye tracking is not the same as a focus group

Eye tracking is always conducted individually, one participant at a time and therefore clearly differs from focus groups.

Eye tracking does not interfere with normal behaviour

Today’s most advanced eye trackers give high precision of measured data without the need of fixing the head, providing unique ability to move around completely freely. This ensures natural reactions of the participants. The eye trackers are equally effective in a variety of lighting conditions and are unobtrusive and easily portable thanks to their small size.

Eye tracking does not require a lab

All our eye tracking solutions are mobile which gives us the capability to operate in any town or country respecting the target audience. We have the most up-to-date Tobii eye trackers at our disposal. This way we always choose the appropriate equipment for any type of research.


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